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A Word of Welcome from Jinen Jason Shulman

A Word of Welcome from Jinen Jason Shulman

Since 1990, thousands of people have begun to heal their body, mind and spirit through the revolutionary work of Jinen Jason Shulman. We invite you to take a few moments to find out about our teleconferences, courses, workshops and the worldwide community of A Society of Souls.

Jason Shulman Non-dual Healing CommunityThe work of A Society of Souls is the work of healing the human body, mind and spirit. For over twenty years, seekers have come to ASOS to study and awaken and to bring back to their work, families and communities a new vision of what it means to live in the totality of being human. People have come to find common cause in a new vision of what a healing human life is.

The spirituality we teach is based on the practical reality of the here and now. It arises from this place, where our bodies and hearts reside. Some have said that the nature of our healing work takes place beyond the realms of judgment and time and resonates throughout physical and non-physical worlds. But it also must be said that this healing takes place right here in this imperfect world filled with imperfect beings, within our limitations, our courage and our greatness. For us, uncovering our suffering with kindness is the first radical act of joy. Our aim is to live an enlightened human life and become a healing presence in the world.

All of our modalities are designed to heal and awaken. Our students come from every imaginable background. I invite you to explore our site, to learn about our school, our work and our teachers, and to consider becoming part of our worldwide community.

With blessings,

Jason Shulman

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