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About A Society of Souls

“After many years of wandering in the spiritual deserts of the Bronx and New Jersey, I am now beginning to make a home for myself in a sometimes conscious relationship with the Absolute. As a result of my work in ASOS: I laugh more and I cry more; I am more silent and I speak more; I sing more, too, but; sadly not more in tune. Often my world seems more spacious and yet more full.  There is less I and I am more. There is more love and more love.

Not everyday, nor in every relationship am I as present as I would like to be; but I am infinitely grateful for the path this work has illuminated.  I am increasingly able to be just who I am.”

Jeff Ellias-Frankel

About Jason Shulman

“In working with Jason nothing is left out or left behind, including that which is left out and left behind.  You learn to be present to all that is and a sort of sweetness, gentleness pervades the space.  This experience is particularly apparent when working with Jason in a group setting. After spending time with Jason, I am changed in some deeply felt way.  There is an open heartedness and expansiveness that seems to permeate my life until it fades only to be reawakened again.  IKH and IM have allowed me to go inward and be present to others in what feels like the absence of time and space. Jason offers the sacredness of his humanness in every moment when he teaches.  Thank you Jason.”

Gary DePice

“One of Jason’s many gifts has been to create maps that can lead a student toward wholeness – if the student chooses to follow. Jason’s humor and the fun he creates make it possible to learn serious and profound material with a light-hearted touch. He teaches a mature path of deep integrity and self-responsibility. Studying with Jason has allowed me to integrate and profoundly deepen my connection with God.“

Jennifer Howard

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing

“Jason’s work has affected my relationship with my family and patients.  I am able to see more clearly where difficulties are, using the tree [of life] as a model and I can hold possibilities that never seemed possible.”

Rena Wiseman

“I used to think I had to get my personal life in order before starting a healing practice, but I’ve learned that it’s through my NKH practice that my life has been changed and transformed.  On a spiritual level, there has been a deepening and integration into every aspect of my life.”

Ginger Bennett

“NKH is not only my healing practice working with clients -- it is one of my primary practices for being in life.  It is a practice that continually opens my heart, my body, mind and spirit and teaches me what it means to be a true human being in relationship with true human beings. I am profoundly grateful every day for the blessings of this work.”

Brenda Blessings

Impersonal Movement

“As a kinesthetic person and former dancer, the IM practice makes it easier for me to enter states of consciousness that sitting meditations never have.  This practice has helped me slow down, think more clearly and provides a rich terrain to grow and continue to develop.  I have learned how to be with the unknown -- as an explorer -- with the excitement and the fear at the same time.”

Rena Wiseman

“Impersonal Movement has brought me over and over again into ever-deepening stillness. All of the busyness of my life, to be somewhere, to get things done, to accomplish-fade away–and reality enters in, or rather, I am now with reality.”

Brenda Blessings

The Work of Return

“Through the Work of Return, in an astonishingly short time, I experienced the elimination of countless layers of my life-long hyper-vigilance.  Suddenly I was able to discern with clarity and simplicity what was safe and what truly was not; that many things I had defended against as threats were, in fact, perfectly safe and harmless-even delightful, and that other elements of my life which I had accepted as normal were truly dangerous.  This, in turn, allowed me to make changes on many levels, both superficial and profound, and to bring my life into better harmony with my soul.  This relaxation of hyper-vigilance took place seamlessly and effortlessly, as a consequence of just a few Work of Return sessions.  It addressed this issue more profoundly and more effectively than I had been able to in twenty-five years of other healing and therapy work.”

Fran Sussman

“I am really excited about this new work.  Most of my clients have physical problems like chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, etc. and have suffered with pain for many years.  This new healing can help patients work more directly with their physical problems and be more active in the healing process.”

Rena Wiseman

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