What is ASOS?

Healing and spiritual awakening

A Society of Souls (ASOS) is both a meeting place of the heart and training in healing and spiritual awakening.  It is a school, path and a community for seekers of the truth, explorers into the nature of reality, and most, important, for those seeking a transformation of being that will lead to an opening into the true heart of life.

The work of ASOS is the direct transmission of Jason Shulman’s realizations of the nondual nature of Reality. Jason built ASOS on the premise that the greatest healing we can do—whether it is of the body, mind, emotions or spirit—is the healing of our limited view of what it means to be a human being.

The world is already unified. All of its many parts—including ourselves—are already engaged in an unalterable, single Wholeness. All ASOS programs explore this fundamental nondual understanding of Reality, integrating the healthy human ego personality into its proper relationship with the impersonal transcendent self.

One of the hallmarks of Jason’s work has been his ability to create a path for accessing God-consciousness that has profound and practical consequences for living our daily life. ASOS believes that healing even one person is healing a universe.

A Society of Souls is dedicated to the awakening of the human being, whose true nature is compassion-in-action. 

Unless we change, we cannot teach others to change. Unless we develop a kind heart toward ourselves, we cannot guide others to the same state. Only to the extent we are involved in healing our own body, mind and soul can we help others to do the same…I have always wanted people to awaken to their true nature – to find God, if you will , and then be able to live a life that is grounded in an authentic relationship to Wholeness.

- Jason Shulman, Founder of A Society of Souls

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