Who is Jason Shulman?

Jason ShulmanJinen Jason Shulman is an internationally known spiritual teacher, modern kabbalist and a recognized Buddhist teacher. He is the author of Kabbalistic Healing: A Path to an Awakened Soul (Inner Traditions), The Instruction Manual for Receiving God (Sounds True) and numerous monographs and articles. His three music cds, the Great Transparency, Unlock My Heart and Buddha-Cloud, communicate his teachings in a way that goes straight to the heart.

All of the work of A Society of Souls (ASOS) is the direct transmission of Jason’s profound realization of the nondual nature of Reality. From this, he has created a path of healing and awakening, which seamlessly integrates theistic and non-theistic spiritual thought and practice, uniting work on the personal self – with all of its suffering and beauty – with learning how to reside in the spaciousness of the Absolute.

Jason has always been interested in the great questions of life and death. His earliest memories of thinking involve trying to figure out the notion of infinity. Whether it was the vast distances between galaxies, or the “unknowable universe of death”, as he states it, his imagination was captured by trying to find out why we are here and where we are going. His continuing explorations into the nature of reality have taken him from poetry and literature to higher-level physics and from personal spiritual studies to inquiry into the mystical traditions of many of the world’s major religions. His sense has always been that the views of Reality offered by Advaitic and Buddhist understandings and the views of the theistic, personal God had to be—must be—one and the same thing.

Jason has a unique perspective on human consciousness and the nature of existence. He has created the healing path for our age—one that impeccably honors the struggles of the human being, imperfection, difference and constant change, while also recognizing the already awakened, already enlightened  nature of Reality. His deep understanding and compassion for all of life has allowed him to create a clearly delineated and replicable path for others to follow.

To this end, Jason created A Society of Souls (ASOS) in 1993, a school, a path and a community for those seeking a transformation of consciousness to heal themselves, others, and this precious planet, which cradles us all. The work of ASOS includes: Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, Impersonal Movement, Work of Return and the Magi Process.

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