ASOS Europe: NKH Training

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing Training – Europe

Nondual Kabalistic Healing is a four year course of study.

This work was created by Jason Shulman, founder of A Society of Souls. 

This class will be taught by Jinen Brenda Carter Blessings.

No prior training is required to study this work.  

Classes take place at Depoort Conference Center located in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Classes are taught in English.

Tuition Breakdown:

Year 1:  $3,900 (4 sessions / 3 days each) = 12 class days

Year 2:  $4,300 (4 sessions / 4 days each) = 16 class days

Year 3:  $4,300 (4 sessions / 4 days each) = 16 class days

Year 4:  $3,900 (4 sessions / 3 days each) = 12 class days

  • Tuitions is payable in U.S. Dollars only.
  • You will have several payment options which are outlined in the registration packet for this class.
  • Please note, travel and room and board are separate expenses from tuition.

Application Process:

Please click here to download your application.  

Please complete application and send to:

A Society of Souls

P.O. Box 626

Lebanon, NJ 08833

Tel: 908-236-0543

Fax: 908-349-3211


Once you have submitted an application, we will contact you to arrange for a phone interview with Jinen Brenda Carter Blessings, Executive Director of A Society of Souls.  

  • Phone interviews are a pre-requisite for all prospective students to the school.
  • Upon a successful phone interview, a registration packet will be emailed to you.
  • Should you have any questions, or if you would like to receive an application in the mail, please contact:

Louise Gerace
Tel: 908-236-0543
Fax: 908- 349-3211

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