Nondual Kabbalistic Healing® Overview

Jason TeachingNondual Kabbalistic Healing (NKH) training is a revolutionary new healing paradigm, based on the direct transmission of Jason Shulman’s profound realization of the nondual nature of Reality.

NKH is the most in-depth training offered by A Society of Souls, encompassing four years of classes and a palette of 16 healings. The curriculum weaves the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah, including the Tree of Life and the Four Universes, with Buddhist thought, the insights of quantum physics, a Western psychological understanding of the human condition, and the teachings of  nonduality, into a deeply transformative healing modality. The work of NKH descends to the essential levels of creation. It does not include work with chakras, energy levels, characterologies or any of the secondary manifestations associated with being alive.

At these levels of creativity, both the healer and the one being healed unite in a profound relationship in which the natural state of healing returns. True relationship is the fundamental condition of our work. Instead of purifying ourselves of all our difficult parts, we seek healing by learning how to be in profound and kind relationship with all that is. In this way dynamic change is given an abiding home in the totality of our being.

This transformation is at the heart of NKH training. Our goal is ultimately to become more human and to learn to share our humanity with others. While we will learn many techniques, our journey together will not be technique driven. Rather, our aim is to deepen our understanding of our true selves and enhance our ability to hold new states of consciousness that will allow us to help heal others and be compassion-in-action.

The deep transformational work of NKH is learned in an atmosphere of safety, love, acceptance and integrity. The weekends, while challenging, are filled with the spirit of joy, laughter and kindness.

Who Should Take NKH?

Anyone who has a longing to awaken.  Anyone who yearns to heal and to know their true nature. Anyone who desires to bring compassionate action and healing into their lives and the world.  

Our student body includes:

teachers lawyers artists
musicians dancers business leaders
bankers computer programmers human resource professionals
professors stay at home mothers trainers
consultants doctors nurses
psychotherapists retirees energy healers
rabbis ministers nuns
yoga teachers herbalists practitioners of acupuncture, massage,
administrators project managers homeopathy, and Ayurveda
Christians Hindus scientists
Buddhists Jews seekers
Moslems atheists questioners of the nature of Reality

What You Will Receive During this Life-Transforming and Heart-Opening Training:

  • A whole new paradigm for understanding yourself, your life, your relationships and the world around you
  • Unique spiritual practices, exercises and meditations that heal the heart, open the mind and lead to ever-deepening states of consciousness
  • Transformation of the self
  • A moving meditative practice that offers a living experience of the nondual  state
  • A healing modality and diagnostic process with a palette of 16 healings that create foundational change at every level of life
  • Awakening into the nondual nature of Reality
  • A place in a heart-centered community of people dedicated to personal healing, awakening and expressing compassionate action in the world

No prior knowledge of healing or any spiritual path is required to enroll in the Training.

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