MAGI Process

Magi Process LogoThe MAGI Process is an imagistic meditation that works to resolve conflict—both internal and external—from a nondual perspective.

The Process is based on the understanding that conflict is a basic part of the fabric of the world and our aggressions, fears and desires must be included in our spiritual search. When we do this, Reality reveals its deep truth: The ultimate energy of conflict is no different than openness or Love.

The resolution of conflict is not based on the disappearance of the offending situation but on its transmutation into a dynamic condition that heals. What is true for internal emotional or psychological conflict, conflict with our peers and partners, is also true, from this perspective for conflict between entities such as organizations and even countries.

The MAGI Process is a 38-step, nondual journey which uses the creative forces of conflict to reveal the spacious nature of Reality itself. In accepting Reality-as-it-is, the MAGI Process is simultaneously a shamanic agent for profound personal change and the movement toward an enlightening way of being.

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